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Friends and Readers:

Please kindly read my latest blog post: WORSE THAN 9/11? YOU BET! YOU SHOULD BE FRIGHTENED!

Then, I urge you to:

1. Forward it to everyone you know.

2. Contact your congressmen and women as requested in the post.

When you read the post and become as frightened as I am, I believe you will readily comply with my requests.

(Note: This post has nothing to do with Halloween. It concerns a critical national security issue about which you will find scant media coverage)

All the best.



Fellow thriller writer, the best-selling Sandra Brown (with over fifty million books in print!), attended Frank’s latest book signing in the North Carolina mountain retreat of Highlands. Here is a picture of the two authors with Frank holding Sandra’s copy of Catch a Falling Knife. Visit Sandra’s website at and learn about her latest thriller, Lethal, to be released in September.

“What a privilege to have Sandra Brown as one of my author buddies,” Frank said. “We run into each other now and then and she and husband Michael are the warmest, most genuine people anyone could know, and great company. It was indeed a pleasant surprise when she walked into the bookstore after learning of my signing. All the best, Sandra!”


Frank will be at Shakespeare & Company in Highlands, North Carolina on Saturday, July 21st from 5-7 pm to sign copies of his latest thriller, Catch a Falling Knife. Shakespeare & Company will be serving wine and cheese and Frank will make a few remarks at 6 pm. Shakespeare & Company is in Highlands Village Square, corner of 5th St. and Oak Street Alley (behind Wolfgang’s) in Highlands – 828-526-3777.

    1. If you haven’t read my blog post – PRESIDENT BUSH WON’T LEAVE ME ALONE! – you can do so by clicking on this link: It deals with an encounter I had with the former president and it’s all true! If you like it please forward and share. And please feel free to post your comments.


    1. Speaking of politicians, I just received a letter from former senator Bob Graham telling me that he is currently reading my latest thriller, Catch a Falling Knife. He has a particular interest in port security since he co-chaired the joint House-Senate inquiry into what went wrong on 9/11. Bob Graham’s views on the topic are superbly advanced in his popular book, INTELLIGENCE MATTERS which can be purchased at Amazon by clicking on this link.


    1. Speaking of Amazon, here is another of their links which you can use to post a review for Catch a Falling Knife. (But only if you read it and liked it!) I’d be mighty grateful if you would post one as I could use a few more. Many thanks.  And while you’re on the Amazon page, remember, copies of Catch a Falling Knife make terrific Father’s Day presents!


    1. My publisher has produced a “trailer” (like the movies) for Catch a Falling Knife. It lasts a little over 60 seconds and can be viewed here:


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